In a quite unexpected instance, it hit me again: starting a new blog.

I have been reading blogs lately, beyond the blogs I have been sort of religiously following in the previous months. The old ones fall more to one category, and let me be unabashed with words: the blogs that map the everyday, sentiments and rants about the world, about daily experiences, seldom dwelling on the political, or the intellectual, shy, sophomoric, but nonetheless considerably sonorous poetry, some cultural reviews – generally expressive, personal writing.

The new ones, and thanks to my rather rare inclination to saunter around and maximize the vastness of the internet (and expand its association beyond facebook and emails and,  let me saw the greater potentials of blogging, the borders I did not fully recognize and which, upon seeing them, have stimulated me to start my own online odyssey. I see photography, and despite my admitted lack of familiarity with the rudiments of the files, I can speak of appreciation and an attempt at criticism. There were also painting blogs, or something like that. And the same applies of photography blogs. And then there are blogs that talk of economy, politics, and yes, culture, that big three that are left uncategorized but definitely are very close to one another. I wonder then, if blogs would, in the future, be containers not just of thoughts, but of thoughts about thoughts, like a seemingly unimaginable self-reflexive account of everything accounted and analyzed and the act of analysis itself.

They say letters are giving way to the visual. Or more exactly: that the visual is in, and implicitly, that print is out. But in summoning the poststructuralist declaration that everything is text, I’d like to believe that all media can be employed altogether in the process of textulization, and in the ever-important process of participating in the discourses in the society. Books and news papers may be losing the steam they once normally radiate but blogs are here and they add twist to words, thanks to funky lay-outs, the possibility of having advertisements and a wider scheme available for interactivity and discussions.

And in the time of globalization, technology and all, (which is globalization tamed through terminologies), blogging can be a way to soften the intended assault. Destroy the system from within, old times have inserted in my mind. You include yourself in the discourses, and in the venue where a large part of the discourses happen; you mark yourself in history, not for calcification but for continual negotiation and contradiction, and ultimately, growth. Let us mess with one another and let us take a pledge at wanting to arrive at better ideas. I have a point which you might not agree at, I have a poem which you might not find truly interesting, or aesthetically fine, let us kill them part by part, as long as we are keen at arriving at something better.

In the dialectics that need to be followed, there is no other way but up. And let us forget first about our problematization of language, of valuations and all, to go up is to progress.

So I’ll get this vessel of moments going and we can talk about, or argue about “progress” and “globalization” and “aesthetics” or “the worth of blogging” now. And the lacks that first entries always pose can be filled in, gradually and successively, albeit never completely. We all know this, perhaps subconsciously, how everything – conclusions, completions, ends – are always temporary, how they belie their immediate meanings.

Precisely why we keep on writing until our pens die or our keyboards sink into decrepit, talking until our pauses mean that we are delving deeper to make sense, and living until we harmonize “knowledge” and “experience,” harmonize “theory” and “practice,” and mastered to balance the shift of focus from one to the other, as always, in a progressive direction.