Sometime last month, on the course of my online writing occupation which was my own, little way of helping myself enroll on a Masteral program, I took an eleven-page assignment costing almost 12 dollars per page and totaling to round 130 dollars. The thing is that I just breezed through the assignment as aside from the fact that I already have a lot of knowledge about the topic, the customer already prepared something which I have used in doing the product.

In sum, I was able to finish the eleven-page paper in just two hours, wildly content, rabidly praising the fluke I just came across in the chancy arena of online writing. My six-hour mantra, until the hype of that feat grew on me: “Five thousand in two hours.”

At instances like this, we can be easily duped about the true nature of online writing. First, as abovementioned, doing business here is part chance, part mental work that often verges on being mechanical.  I can babble about the textuality of Tommy Hilfiger advertisements, the psychology of love, Wordsworth’s romanticism as panacea to the social ills and so on with apparent ease but this kind of work is hardly fulfilling apart from the money. Although far better than the more repetitive nature of content writing, doing “academic writing” online is not exactly fun and challenging always as I am also guilty of devising ways to fulfills tasks expedite.  And people often have the idea that we can earn a lot of easy money here as one just needs a computer and an internet connection to be in this job.  And voila — dollars, dollars. If luck hovers around you, you might just get a similar 130 dollar task you can finish in two, three hours.

But again, as evinced by the present trend, there are months when the number of orders are staggeringly low and there are severely limited chances to earn. And for all its seeming ease and perks, this selling of intellectual labor can be pinned down to the nasty operations of a neo-liberal economy that heavily relies on cheap labor in order to further the accumulation of profit and capital.

And so at the expense of my five thousand pesos and the huge, albeit fleeting joy I derived from it, is the great boost online writing companies obtain from my cheap intellectual labor.