Before the night, there was panic and motion

and collision of bodies that want to go home,

choral protests of stomachs that want to be fed.

A sun sets and a candle is used to replace

the littlest consolation for all wretchedness.

Probably, one dying candle would fall

and find tattered clothes to burn.

Probably, fire trucks would find it hard

to get through a puzzle of houses.

Probably, death is all but unanticipated

for those who have been missing a life

ever since.


During the night, someone waits a stranger

Hopefulness and hopelessness in a mire

The only certainty is the act of waiting,

And how one can know a stranger?

When does estrangement begins and when does

recognition begins?

What is the point of paradoxes

and logical dirts?

During the night, women write poems,

some boys write their philosophies,

and let sunrises consummate a need for redemption.


After the night, there could be strength.

For what one muses, she has to act upon soon.

Lilies and daisies grow because

of ecological flows.

But we are all ever-digressing and arguing

After the night, the sun cries

As it watches over the inhibited

pains of little peddlers on

a pointless journey of strife.


August 08, 2012 Philam Baguio City