Self-conscious Friday

 It is Friday the 13th and who else to remember but you

Yes you, eye-tied, tongue-wagging reader

Who languishes in your bed on an early morning chilly sauce

The calendar says 13 and it’s Friday and naknangputsa

‘di ako lalabas ngayong araw!

(Pero actually, nakalabas na ako ngayong araw)

Ngunit paano kung ang kahulugan ng kalendaryo ay pagsilang?

For instance: potentials for poetry like the sound of Lupang Sinilangan

Or: potentials for heroism a la Diego Silang

Maybe cringe in your chocolate crinkles breakfast

And your chocolate-flavored cigarette and caramel coffee

            While all the people go about the sexy day.


It’s Friday the 13th and I remember you pretty-faced reader

And you don’t believe those words because you are

not flattered and you keep reading, suspending disbelief


It’s Friday the 13th and I remember you and you are reading

this and the world outside your world is a world

who fancies with luscious lips that this Friday

is just another day.


So get up, get up, and don’t fall for that One Direction song

Maybe remember The Cure’s song with a Friday I’m in love.

Or leave this page now.


Sleepless Friday


It is Friday the 13th and who else to remember but you,

Yes you, blue-fingernailed, ensaymada cheekboned,

loneliness assassin.


Can we repeat the lyrics of The Doors?

When I stare at your thinking and you dandruff, I wish there were no doors.

And we are locked in a turtle-paced universe that

will abruptly give up and stop moving.

And 2014 won’t come and you won’ turn 21.


It is Friday the 13th and as a halt plunges on us,

Let the books of Carter and the phrases of Auden

embody themselves in us:

Embraces will be annihilations.

Sleepless will be fucks.Blessings from Jesus