Mar Roxas and The Famous Joke about the Two Jews in a Railway Carriage

“Where are you going?” asked the first Jew.

“To Cracow”, was the answer.
“What a liar you are!” broke out the first Jew.”If you say you’re going to Cracow, you want me to believe you’re going to Lemberg. But I know you’re going to Cracow. So why are you lying to me?”

Freud says of this joke: The more serious substance of the joke is the problem of what determines the truth. … What they are attacking is not a person or an institution but the certainty of our knowledge itself, one of our SPECULATIVE possessions.*

Kung i-aapply sa recent na isyu, mai-include ang larger social context (at di lang tao-sa-tao) sa formation ng knowledge at public opinion :

Who’s leading the pre-election surveys? tanong ng isa.
“Si Mar,” sabi ni B.
“What a liar you are! sabi nung isa. “If you say Mar is leading the pre-election surveys, you want me to believe that he is REALLY leading the surveys. But we all know he is not So why are you lying to me?

We can say of this Mar joke: What this joke is attacking is not Mar per se but the way knowledge is formed about him. Who conducts the surveys? What interests informed such conducting of the survey? Why are they lying to US?

*Sipi ito sa essay na “‘The Pas de Calais’: Freud, the Transference and the Sense of Woman’s Humor” ni Joel Fineman


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