Hi, i am Ivan. This is my first  time to update this customary “about me” page here. I am blogging because I want to have a presence in the vastness of the internet, and more than anything else, my kind of presence is textual. See, i am a language and literature graduate, and the Master’s degree i am starting to earn is of the same mold. I write poetry (and do this too), and puts much faith on the potency of words, despite all proclamations on the visuality of this age. Once, on a discussion with a friend, we talked about the need for poetry to transcend its old form and cope with the contemporary times. Less than my friend appeared to do, I still venerate the old, written word and although i appreciate the attempts to push the poetic envelope forward by innovating material  form, I believe poets, and writers in general, just need to show more persistence in proffering what they write to the greater people. The artistic word (in contrast to the postmodern, superficial words in advertisements and other images)  just need to locate itself more pervasively in order to overcome the plethora of images.

Aside from being this word-sp(l)itter, I am also the Chair of a local chapter of the oldest alliance of tertiary school publications in the Asia-Pacific. We conduct journalism skills training, social discussions and literary and arts forums in line with our objective to harness the critical capacities of involved writing.

This blog shall contain my thoughts on books read, movies dissected, days lived and burned and relived. I listen to Katy Perry and Oasis and Taylor Swift and The Free Design and Ida Maria, so this is the meaning of “eclectic.” I see myself teaching literature and some theory in the future, and yes, keep on writing creative and critical things. I am 21, and won’t let this sulkily pretentious postmodernity in my country, Philippines, eat me with its oblivion of marveling at grasses and pancakes. Let us meet here, if that is the most engaged that we can be. If you are not in another continent, maybe we can see each other’s eyes while coffees get cold between us.



7 thoughts on “i-in-flux

  1. For thus this will commence: you in your abstractions and I in my listless verses. I will try to (de)construct you while you (re)construct me. You called upon me, and here I am, your new playmate. You made me smile tonight.

    1. Now I am beginning to wonder sort of seriously if i know you in the breathing world. And that word, “playmate,” I like that; where will my abstractions and your verses take us. And you are in English, good thing; let us strive to be bilingually eloquent. 🙂

      1. I know you, or part of you, or parts of you that may not necessarily represent you, but is you. But I know more of you than you can ever know about me. Perhaps you wanted me to know. It’s cruel and unfair for you, but it is as it is. We haven’t met yet in “real” life, playmate.

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