Now To Beyond

Future alternatives, we have


After six years, I had to update this

Then to upend something else,

a comma

a separation.


To walk in a page

Words refusing the easily anagrammatic sword

Words as dross, drooling to be counted as one

Something of a piece

Of value

In lieu of noise, silence, peace, warp,

A human touches her paw

A lion imagines what it means to blog



7 thoughts on “i-in-flux

  1. For thus this will commence: you in your abstractions and I in my listless verses. I will try to (de)construct you while you (re)construct me. You called upon me, and here I am, your new playmate. You made me smile tonight.

    1. Now I am beginning to wonder sort of seriously if i know you in the breathing world. And that word, “playmate,” I like that; where will my abstractions and your verses take us. And you are in English, good thing; let us strive to be bilingually eloquent. 🙂

      1. I know you, or part of you, or parts of you that may not necessarily represent you, but is you. But I know more of you than you can ever know about me. Perhaps you wanted me to know. It’s cruel and unfair for you, but it is as it is. We haven’t met yet in “real” life, playmate.

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