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Texts Talking


texts-talkingFoucault’s point, what he is Foucault is pointing at is the idea of intertextuality: the creation, the making sense and being-meaningful of texts not solely because of itself but because of its being connected – often unconscious – to other texts.

The meaning of texts does not originate in itself, in its ‘inside’ – the texts have no metaphysical, if not mystical ‘inside.’ From the moment they are created to the moment they are read, texts are part and are made part of a large and complex network not just of texts but of social positions and relationships.

As Edel Garcellano reminds us:

“Ayon sa dayalektikal na karunungan, ang salita ay materyal na produksyon din, tulad ng lanseta, sapatos, salamin: isang representasyon ng representasyon.”


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